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The Hormones are an all girl tribute to legendary rock and roll hall of famers’, the Ramones.  Emulating the power, turbulence, rebellion and humor of Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy, these hard hitting, ass kicking ladies burn through over thirty songs in under an hour!

Charged with infectious energy, the Hormones deliver a true Ramones experience with curves!

Ronda Najera: Lead Vocals

Ronda is a multitalented Vocalist, MC, DJ, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress and Impersonator. She's had the honor of studying voice with the world renowned Judy Davis for 7 years while developing a range from the lowest note of Joey Ramone to the highest of Robert Plant. A former vocalist for The Tubes Ronda is also the co-founder of the SF Bay Area's famous "Art and Ronda's Jam Night". Flamboyant and fun, she connects with the audience and rocks those cretins! Hey Ho! Let's go!

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Lorissa Martinez: Guitar

Lorissa's love of guitar started at age 12 when she heard Randy Rhoads on Blizzard of Ozz. She picked up her first guitar when she was 15, and is influenced by the playing of Andres Segovia, Jimmy Page, Kerry King, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Dave Mustaine and Stevie Ray Vaughn. She studied classical and flamenco with Dr. Charles Sedlak, who is a Christopher Parkening Master Student. She was most recently a member of Death Under Fire before joining the Hormones in 2012, where she has captured the buzzsaw playing style of Johnny Ramone.

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Terilynn Bench: Bass and Backing Vocals

Terilynn has been playing bass since the age of 11 and in almost every genre, including punk, metal, rock, progressive, swing, and blues. Terilynn has been the bassist and keyboardist in many bands, including the prog band Hazerfan and the 16 piece big band, "Swing and a Miss", and plays a variety of instruments. She is stoked to be a part of the Hormones, joining the band in 2012. Terilynn is also the bassist for the all-girl Motley Crue tribute, "Cruella". She is grateful to be a college graduate as that allows her to always remember her vocal solo: "1 2 3 4!"

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Windy Wild: Drums and Backing Vocals

A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Windy started making music at a young age. Windy's drumming roots are in rock, metal, and punk. She has a hard hitting style with a solid groove. She also provides the main backing vocals to compliment Ronda's Joey Ramone style. Windy got her start in the Bay Area music scene playing drums for accordion fronted band, Angel Corpus Christi, sharing the stage with bands such as The Cramps and Flipper. Windy is also the lead vocalist and drummer for an original all-female metal band, BINKY, the drummer for the all-girl Motley Crue tribute, "Cruella", and the all-girl cover band "Miss Behaved."


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