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San Francisco Examiner, February 2010 - Article by Marisa Lopez
It's not often you find a band who's willing to put out the most authentic onstage ethos of the 70's East Coast classic punk band the Ramones. That's where the Hormones come in. Inspired by a deep respect for the Ramones, the gals decided to put a full-on tribute project together aside from their other bands. Channeling the punk attitude true to its late 70's heyday, the Hormones' vibe is genuine and unaffected. "Our first gig was our second practice!" Lisa says. "Ronda basically encouraged us to just play and have this confident attitude, and it worked out."

The ladies invited me to sit in on a rehearsal. The energy of The Hormones is fun and approachable, yet in your face - very much like that of the original Ramones. "People of all ages come up to our shows. It's amazing, from kids to college age to those old enough to remember the Ramones in their heyday", says Hormones' drummer, Lisa. The appeal to the Ramones continues to gain ground, from clubs to Hollywood movies and more. Hormones guitarist Margo adds that many will find the Ramones music to be familiar to all ages. "They use the Ramones music all over - even on the Shrek soundtrack. I think that (the Ramones) are more famous now than back then."
Their bassist is a small but spirited chick named Joy. "We just have so much fun just going for it. It's actually harder than people think." The gals recently proved their chops at this year's NAMM show. "We had to borrow gear. It turned out great, but it was kind of challenging keeping everything under 85 decibels" says Lisa. "We pulled it off and had a great time."

Although the gals have musical backgrounds, the technique of the Ramones musical deivery is uncommon, so it required a lot of studying up on their onstage counterparts. "It took a lot of research" says Ronda. Even with sitting in on their rehearsal session, I could easily tell that they did their homework. "The Ramones really just played straight through - a fast set. Although a lot of people think that this was easy, but they had a technique that was all their own and I think that that's what allowed them to have that youthful appeal" says Margo. "They were very simple - probably the most simple of all the punk bands. Not in their music, per say, but in the way they were as people. Things were just genuine back then. It's a lot harder to find that now." She adds. "You can feel it in the music and their onstage technique."

This attitude of f*ck it has given punk rock its place in history. The Hormones continue to bring their frenetic, riotous energy (much like the original Ramones) to the stage, and reminding young and old alike what punk rock is all about.


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